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Foxhunter Partnership

imageA week ago we said goodbye to Brian Toomey as he headed down South to a great opportunity at David Pipe’s, and we wish him every success. We did though, not want to lose his horse so Phil and I bought King’s Grey, our June Aintree winner as it has long been our intention that he is aimed at the valuable and historic  ‘Aintree Foxhunters’  at the Grand National Meeting. If you would like to join imageus in this exciting venture we have worked out costs up until the end of April, and are offering ten lease shares in him at £1000 each, all expenses in  and any prize money won, shared out at the end of April.  King’s Grey jumps for fun, likes to be up with the pace, loves Aintree and he is rated in the 130’s, just the sort of older horse who wins race like this from the front.  This is an unusual opportunity for a one off fee, and as many shares as you want can be purchased. The first Owner to buy two shares or more can choose their own colours and he will run in these. If we have only single shares sold then we will draw for the colour opportunity.

King’s Grey already has the first part of his qualification needed for Aintree, he has won a chase in 2015, he now needs to finish 1st-3rd in an Open Hunter Chase or win an Open Point to Point. We will be aiming at the Hunter Chase option and he will be out hunting with Phil this Christmas to get his certificate. You could join us at the meet and follow the hunt ( its now a scent trail, not fox chasing) and it will all be part of the build up to the big day in April.

If you would like to be sent details of this new Partnership Please email

Kings Grey wins at Aintree

Kings Grey wins at Aintree under James Reveley


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