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Sunday’s News & winner!

    1st and 2nd at Newcastle

Adam has to be a strong contender for ride of the month for his win on Skipthescales yesterday at Newcastle. Nathan on Little Bruce must have wondered where on earth Adam had come from as he swept past him with just strides to the post – Bruce looking to have the race absolutely sewn up after a brave front running and bold jumping display. Poor Little Bruce had tried his heart out but gallant Skip had got his second wind and it was both brilliant that he won and sad that Bruce had to get beat! It was a small but competitive novice Chase too. We were delighted with both horses and we also won the Best Turned out 💪 this made number 51 for the season, and although we didn’t add to it with Shine Baby Shine & Master Newton, they finished safe & sound and all horses are well today.

Skip sweeps past Bruce and is going away at the line

No racing now for 2 days but we’ve lots of horses declared and we’ll be doing our Boxing Day preview and Happy Christmas video by tomorrow evening. Please check back in!


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