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Thurs 3rd Aug…

Tomorrow we have What’s Up Walter and Silverlight at Thirsk, both ridden by Paddy Aspell. It will be Silverlight’s first run and we wish her lots of luck for her debut. As always, most importantly we hope they both return home safe.


Silverlight & Stacey ready for last canter before her debut tomorrow.

I (Sarah) have been busy making lots of new sets of girth sleeves and stable rubbers for the yard. We use them on every horse under the tack to reduce the risk of transferring bugs from one horse to another, such as when a new horse comes from another trainer. It also stops chaffing by soaking up the excess sweat. It has been a learning curve for me as I haven’t touched a sewing machine since well before I left school, many years ago!! Not sure I will be altering any curtains or trousers any time soon, but I can just about manage these!


The girth sleeve production!

One of the yard favourites, Transient Bay aka Stenna is back in off his hols and looks very well. Safe to say he could do with losing a few pounds before he hits the track though!!


Stenna & Katie.

I also managed to catch Adam on his way out with Bertie Blake, one of last seasons bumper horses, and he is a picture of health. Bertie has hurdles to look forward to this time round and we cant wait to see his progress.


Bertie & Adam.


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