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Wednesday 2nd Aug….

We are very busy here at Green Oaks with a full house after our NH horses have finished their summer holidays and are back into training, getting ready to hit the track! We also have our group of bumper horses getting ready for their first season, learning their job alongside old pro’s such as Cavaliari and Courtown Oscar.

Below is one of our 3yr old bumper prospects by Josr Algarhoud (Aglestone Rocks sire) having a walk around the barns with Stacey yesterday, before heading out to the outdoor school with Tommy today. We like to let them get used to having a rider on their back in the barns at first as the horses seem to feel happier to accept it all somewhere they feel safe and familiar, their ‘home’!


Josr Algarhoud with Stacey

First lot today we had another youngster out learning his job. This was Mark Smith’s 3yr old by Doyen, getting to grips with his next step, the stalls! He behaved very well, following Cavaliari in and out showing him how it’s done.


3yr old Doyen gelding with Sam & Phil

We were also well fed today, with Megan bringing in one of her amazing cakes…..


…..and then Phil treated us all to chips for lunch! Not sure the horses will be quite so pleased to see all their riders stuffing themselves, but at least they all work it off!!!


Sam, Stacey & Katie enjoying the chips!!

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