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Quickfire Questions – Issey Gill

We return to our interviews to find out more about Issey, who amongst other prizes at our Christmas Party, won a halo for bring them most ‘thoroughly nice person’ at Green Oaks 😇

How long have you worked in racing?
5 years! (6 if you include the weekends I did at Ann Duffield’s when I was still at school!)

Izzy has been riding from an early age

Favourite horse from green oaks, past and present?

Past- Nautical Nitwit

Present- Winfola & Little Bruce

What is the best thing about working here?

Being a part of a fantastic hard working team with some very exciting horses!

What’s the best thing about working for Phil?
He’s very kind, generous and laid back!

What’s the worst?
Sometimes a little bit too laid back!😂

If you didn’t work in racing, what profession would you like to do?
Well I gave Midwifery a go but it wasn’t for me!🙈

I’m interested in all things medical so probably a Vet👩🏼‍⚕️🐎

Most frustrating second?
December Second at Hamilton last year – we even have a song for it, ask Nick Barratt-Atkin who rode him!😂

Best moment at Green Oaks?
There are definitely many, most recently when Lady Buttons won the Mares Hurdle at Doncaster back in January🔥❤️

Who’s the biggest character in the yard?

Caitlin Hepburn

Favourite track to take runners to?

Favourite drink?
Champagne or a cup of tea!🥂☕️

Dream celebrity date?
A young Leonardo Dicaprio (admin strongly approves!)

Who has the worst dress sense in the yard?
I have to agree with Katie, Phil with his ‘TopSpec trainers’

Favourite Dinner?

Favourite TV show?
Killing Eve🔪

(Currently on Amazon Prime, its excellent – here is the Trailer for Season 1)

Cheltenham or Aintree?

The Gold Cup it the National?
The Gold Cup 🏆

Favourite Song?
When you were young – The Killers

Favourite holiday destination?
Mexico & Italy

Dream holiday destination?
I have so many!! Bali or the Maldives🇲🇻

Dream Car?
Land Rover Defender 90

Most exciting win?
Lady Buttons winning the mares hurdle at Doncaster this year🏆🔥 (what a finish this was, Lady B produced an electric extra gear)

Hidden talent?
I’m not sure if it’s quite a talent but I’m pretty good at cooking & baking! (From someone who can’t bake, its definitely a talent)

Pet hate?
Laziness and negativity

Pick a dark horse to follow for next jumps season?
Has to be Winfola!

Winfola & Issey at Musselburgh. Issey’s parents are Owners in her Partnership.

Pick a horse you would love to have here from another yard?
Tiger Roll 🐯 (the popular choice!)

Winter or Summer?

Stargazer with Issey in the summer sun

Worst habit?
Eating too much chocolate🐷 (I can sympathise with Issey here)

Fascinating fact?
I think I was a duck in my previous life because my first word was quack and ducks look calm on the surface but are paddling really fast underneath🦆

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