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A Super Sunday

Little Bruce spreadeagles his field in the Cambridgeshire Grand National

Video to follow tomorrow 

What a performance we saw from the novice ‘Little Bruce’ at Huntingdon this afternoon Tommy giving him a fantastic front running ride to make the most of his slick jumping and stretch the field from the off. Barely 15.1hh, LB really is the bravest and cleverest of jumpers, standing off when required and putting in a short one with great agility. He gets away from his fences so quickly and consistently takes lengths out of the much bigger horses running against him. They know each other so well and have a great partnership… this short video taken by a Tommy ( presumably one handed as it’s a phone not a headcam!) is how they warmed up for this Marathon test earlier in the week… round the Hunt Jumps at Green Oaks, what a pair! It really keeps Bruce sweet though, and he’ll be Hunting again next season as he certainly loved it.

Tommy can’t wait to ride him round the Cheltenham Cross Country, and after this run he may be off a mark that sees him a contender for the handicap there in November next season.  We were delighted for our Travelling Head Girl Julie too, who drove him there and back, and led him up – to hear that she had also won Best Turned Out for her efforts. It all comes down to a great Team effort and nothing would work without all the wheels in our giant cog turning smoothly : Everyone plays a part. Many congratulations to his Owners, The GPS Partnership on this significant win.

Racing Post Analsis:

It’s all systems go for our Cheltenham horses, all is going to plan ( still! ) and here is a short video of Lady Buttons & Nautical Nitwit yesterday…

Issey on Lady Buttons today

We are looking forward to the arrival of the new Equine Solarium any day now – we want to get them underneath it as soon as possible! It’s a top of the range model and a valuable addition to our facilities here at Green Oaks.


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