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Wednesday 4th September – Special video!

We have been eagerly waiting to bring you this special video of ‘Green Oaks’ created by Max Bradshaw – and here it is….what an amazing yard this is to train racehorses and a wonderful place to work and live too. Thanks to Max for his stunning work.

Last night we enjoyed a ‘goodbye’ send off at La Piaza in Richmond for Meg & Issey. Our Secretary Anna made them this stunning cake – a big one to go round so many of our expanding team!

Jack Olley was the youngest of the party at 5 months old and he was perfectly behaved, kept amused by his many fans!

Newly moved into the staff house is Hannah Welford, pictured below – she hails from Whitby and has recently worked at Jefferson’s. A nice quiet rider, we hope she enjoys her new job at Green Oaks.

Hannah with Lord Rococco

Also recently joining us are Michael & James, two experienced work riders – and we also welcome back Stacey to a full time position, she has been completing her degree and is now enjoying her riding out again.

James with Captain Bob

New mare, Corinda with Michael

Stacey with Northern Girl on one of her first runs

Lily Frank has been riding out regularly, a family friend for many years, Lily is an experienced rider wether on the gallops or schooling arena, and is another valuable asset to the yard; everyone bringing different experiences and skills with horses.

Wemyss Point enjoying some pole work with Lily.

We’re loving being busy and getting so many additions to the Winter Team – Equine & human, and last but not least we welcome the start of future Apprentice jockey, Nick Barret-Atkin starting   full time for us- Nick has been riding out at the yard for a couple of years now and couldn’t wait for his GCSE’s to finish to he could start his career proper!

Nick schooling In the arena

No runners today but several declared for tomorrow and a preview will be posted this evening with yet another video! I can’t pretend mind will be anywhere near as good as the one above though…

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