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Sat 6th Jan…

Our runner for tomorrow Minstrel Royal doesn’t get his planned run at Newcastle as it has already been abandoned following the huge downpour of rain they have had the past few days waterlogging the track .


Eastview Boy & Julie

Eastview Boy is cantering away after his minor setback and is well on his way to his come back for owners Eastview Thoroughbreds.

No racing for us today and on the odd day we like to mix up the routine a little and all the horses enjoy a short hack out down the local private lane opposite the yard to cool off. Its very quiet as its a dead end with only the local farmer using it, so its ideal for us to get the horses out and see a bit of different scenery whilst they cool off after exercise. It keeps them thinking, good experience for the younger horses and makes a nice change for those who have been in training for a while. A few pics of todays hackers…


Janey & Jennie lead the hack with Rock of Leon & Tommy following in second


Minstrel Royal (Tomorrows abandoned runner @ Newcastle) & Simon in foreground with True Ballew & Nick.


Dare To Dream & Peter


Sakhee’s City & Katie

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