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Wednesday 30th Aug…

Today’s runner…



Cavalieri is our runner today just down the road at Catterick. He seems to handle this track well and teams up with his usual jockey Kevin Stott who loves riding him! It would be great to see one of the yard favourites win at our most local course. Good luck to Cav and all connections, and come home safe.


Tommy, Nick & Dave hard at it!

The lads were roped in to help after riding out yesterday with more of the new chippings! It was another long shift for Simon and Dave from 11 till well after 9 last night. They were joined later by Phil after he returned from Donny sales, and Keith our yardman. It was a good job the tractor has lights on! It is all finished now and Phil’s Brother Dave cant wait to get on his plane back home…..not sure we will be seeing him for a while!

The new lunge pen…

We have recently had the addition of a 60ft fibresand round pen next to the outdoor school. This will be very handy for lunging the racehorses as a break from the gallops and is invaluable for all the youngsters we now have for breaking in. Its very safe for them and encourages the younger horses to pick up the basics we need to teach them as it is a much more confined space than the school, where they can be easily distracted in their early days by other horses and anything else going on.


The new lunge pen.


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