Philip Kirby Racing

Racehorse Trainer based at Richmond, North Yorkshire

Saturday 23rd April

Our lates video…its 9 minutes long so get your cup of tea or coffee ready….Obviously you will see that we are very much a ‘work in progress’ With the main Office/Owners/Staff building now coming on well – roof on and brickwork almost re-done. the walker is up but its getting a full tile roof. Our garden will be turfed! The walk down to the gallop will become a fenced track with paddocks alongside it.  There is safety fencing round the yard to keep the horses in one place, the work area will all be cleared and grassed once the work is complete and while there is obviously still months of work ahead its clear that its going to be amazing once finished, the setting is incredible and already its an absolute dream spot to live, work and train horses.

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