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New Years Day

Monty (Stopped Out) wrapped up warm!

Monty (Stopped Out) wrapped up warm!

All the best everyone! We are wishing lots of good luck to our Owners as our four runners head off in different directions across the country this morning – Stopped Out on his swansong to Cheltenham, Moshe and Quadriga to Southwell, and Nauitcal Nitwit in what looks a very tough novice, just up the road to Catterick. Phil thinks our best chance of the day is most probably Moshe, he ran well first time at Southwell and he is back in claiming grade, albeit at a good level. Stopped Out is off a high mark but he ran well first time at Wetherby and we’re sure he’ll give a good account down at Cheltenham, all we want is him back safe and sound now and a place would be the icing on the silvery grey cake this afternoon. Phil set off at 5 am this morning and two Red Bulls later he is in better form  than he was a few hours ago!  Monty enjoyed a good hot bath yesterday, Sarah tells me he likes getting as dirty as he can so i hope he hasn’t rolled in anything he shouldn’t last night or Phil will have to get the shampoo out. Adam rides him claiming 3, and Meg will be leading up, its a big day for The Well Oiled Partnership, most of whom will be at Cheltenham this afternoon to enjoy seeing their grey horse in action for the final time.

Further update later….


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