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A final colt!!!

Its hardly believable, we now have six colts out of the mares who have foaled although it was awful to lose poor Helen Wood’s filly at stud to an accident in her first week. Royalty’s foal is still not out of the woods yet, there are assosciated problems to him having his back joints splinted to straighten them but he is a real fighter and we have everything crossed for him.

Pickworth has foaled the most stunning dark bay colt foal to Scorpion, no white on him, and a future high class NH prospect. Lesley and Bob Haw have had a busy few weeks waiting up and foaling Royalty, Epicurean and Pickworth safely.

Pickworth and her bay colt.

Pickworth and her bay colt.

Mating plans have been finalised for Epicurean and Pickworth, they will both be visiting the high class NH stallion, Midnight Legend.

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