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Racehorse Trainer based at Richmond, North Yorkshire

Contacting Phil – important

phil phoneLike trying to walk on water?

Phil is a very hands on trainer, he rides out most lots and rarely sits down in the Office. It is frustrating trying to phil phonecatch him and his mobile is always stuck to his ear. We are trying to alleviate the situation as best we can.

If you ring him when he is already on the phone it goes straight to ansaphone. PLEASE DO NOT leave him a message, he has about 2000 on there and cannot listen to them all.  Please phil on phonetry again a few minutes later and hopefully he will be off the phone  or call the Office Mon-Wed on (01969) 624400 and leave a message there if necessary – or call Pippa and Phil’s home on (01287) 660444 – evenings are best, we do not mind!!

Please note, Phil will be in Ireland from Tuesday morning early until Thursday morning, please text him rather than call as it will cost a lot.

Phil and Agglestone Rock

Phil’s brother David who was in the Office thurs-sat has had to go back to Ireland, we will be remedying this situation asap, but if you do leave an ansaphone message on the office number it will be picked up.

I am trying to get a call divert and a different number set up as an alternative to Phil’s mobile. ALL OWNERS will be given this second number shortly. image

If you want to get hold of him quickly and cannot get through PLEASE send us an email from this website…we will get back to you within a few hours, or as soon at is picked up. We check it several times throughout the day. If you have struggled reaching him, please let me know asap and we will call you today!!

Many thanks for your patience,

Pippa and Phil

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