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Quickfire Questions Round 2

Off we go with our second set of questions, bringing you some surprising answers and fascinating facts about our important Team Players…

Starting off with Phil’s Assistant Trainer,

Simon Olley 

A keen horseman from an early age, we’re sure these early life skills have given him the competitive edge needed in racing 😁Luckily the horses he deals with are generally a bit keener to go than this one looked…

Favourite Film – Pearl Harbour
Favourite song – Not got one!
Choice of TV programmes...The Simpsons 😆
Best racing programme – Get In.
Favourite drink – John Smith’s

Favourite dinner – Sunday Roast
ketchup or brown sauce – brown sauce
Winter or summer – Winter ❄️ ( obviously harder than Phil & doesn’t mind the cold 💪…)
Flat or jumps – Jumps
Horse he’d like to have in the yard – Prokofiev
Cheltenham or Aintree – Cheltenham
Best dog ever –  Amber

Best cat – ‘Hate cats! especially the one that keeps shitting in our garden!’ Says Simon! ( is Top Cat safe I wonder 😬)
Fav restaurant – KFC!!! (I can’t imagine this is Sarah’s dream dinner date venue!)
Most memorable win – Iris’s Gift winning the Stayers Hurdle at Cheltenham ( Simon was his regular rider at Jonjo’s when he worked there before joining us)
Most exciting win – Lady Buttons winning the Mares Chase at Doncaster

Fav holiday destination – The Lake District.
Fascinating fact we don’t know about – Despite living yards away from the seafront for his childhood, Sarah tells us he can’t actually swim 😮
Favourite sweets – Haribos ( Apparantly he is also a big chocolate lover)
Dream car – Aston Martin
Most disappointing loser – Lady Buttons at Aintree. (Although we were all so pleased with her great run it was also one of those ‘what if’ moments. She got so close!)
Most frustrating horse not to reach full potential – Lady Chloe ( she’s making up for it with her offspring)
Most satisfying winner – Dares To Dream at Sedgefield on Boxing Day ( pictured here with Simon who regularly rides her and broke her in )

Biggest relief winner –  Danehill Sundance at Hereford. (Everyone aged a few years watching this race, he was the well backed 3-1 fav)

Most surprising winner – Bertie Blake at Sedgefield.  ( proving you can never give up.. Bertie won his next race too impressively too)

Dark horse to follow for jumps – Lord Buttons (Simon has broken him in, Henry has done the early cantering)

Spare time days? With the family…Jack’s keeping him & Sarah busy!

Hidden Talents? Simon is known for his shoe taking off skills when required….

Young Enterpreneurial Skills… this goes hand in hand with Embarassing Moment’ … Sarah has the lowdown from his Mum who tells us that Simon had a paper- round like Phil used to.
‘He Got drunk at 12 at his Mother’s Christmas party and insisted on doing the paper round next morning! ‘   proving he is dedicated to both Christmas drinks and work days, says Sarah 🤣

There have been some famous PKR Christmas do’s but one Simon won’t want to linger on too much was the party in the Downe Arms at Castleton. Suffice to say he wasn’t quite so keen to get to work the morning after that one! Luckily no photo evidence of that night…


Henry Newcombe 

Amateur Jockey & Pupil Assistant 

Henry is another vital cog in the smooth running wheel here, and like Phil & Simon he spent a lot of time on ponies honing his talents when he was younger…😁

How long have you worked in racing?
4 and a half years

Favourite horse from Green Oaks, past and present?
Past Asum, Present Lord Buttons

What’s the best thing about working here?
Being involved in a great up and coming yard whilst getting to live so close to home and my family.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
My grandparents

What’s your earliest racing memory?
Watching Kauto Star run in all the big races on a Saturday afternoon on Channel 4

If you didn’t work in racing, what profession would you do?
Something outdoors and hands on, I’d like to run a small farm

Best moment from Green Oaks?
Getting to school Stellar Notion over some of the Cheltenham X Country fences 😁

How long have you worked here?
2 and a half years

Whats the best and worst thing about working with Phil?
Best – How he treats his staff and the environment it creates to work in, it’s easy to get up in the morning for
Worst – The hangovers🍺

Who’s the best character in the yard?
Tommy Dowson

Favourite track?
For a day out, York. To work, Wetherby.

Pick a horse from another yard you’d love to have here?

Favourite drink?
Cup of tea ( really!)

Who has the worst dress sense in the yard?
Tommy Dowson – I think his wardrobe is made up of mostly other peoples clothes 🤣

Your four dinner party guests?
My friend James Vasey, Prince Harry, Sacha Baron Cohen & Meg to cook

Favourite dinner?
Sunday roast

Favourite film?
The Wolf of Wall Street

Cheltenham or Aintree?

The Gold Cup or The National?
The National

Fascinating fact?
My Great Uncle trained an Ebor Winner at 100-1

Favourtie song?
Anything by Duke Dumont or Rudimental

Favourite holiday destination?
Rhodes, Greece

Dream holiday destination?
Anywhere with sun, drinks and watersports

Dream car?
Aston Martin DBS

Favourite racecourse to ride around?

Most satisfying winner to be a part of?
Asum winning on Boxing Day 2017

Worst habit?
Buying shoes! (Has more than Meg 🙈🤣)

Hidden talent?
DIY Handyman / Housework
Meg added – ‘He loves housework so much, whilst intoxicated at our Christmas party in 2017 he even started hoovering before we all went home!

I can vouch for this – I was incredibly impressed!

First race ride?
Pullman Brown at Doncaster, had no brakes 💨💨

Pet hate?
People who moan but aren’t willing to do things to change what they’re moaning about

Favourite way to spend a day off?
Mountain biking

Pick a horse to follow for next Jumps season?
Lord Buttons

Favourite jockey past or present?
Noel Fehily, I hope we can get a horse from one of his racing syndicates 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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