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Friday 20th March

Maisie with the 2 year old filly, Misty

We’ll keep our website up and running even if there is no racing… there is still plenty of news to bring you.
For Sale page updated today with a share that has become unexpectedly re-available in Lady’s Present. 

Despite chaos in may parts of the country, daily life goes on at the yard, and although the vast majority of the jumpers have ceased full work, we are keeping most of the flat and summer jumpers going in the hope that racing can resume ‘behind closed doors’ at the end of April providing it is safe and responsible to do so.

Alsvinder, he is still enjoying his daily work.

Its a financially difficult time for our part time staff who have a lot less to ride, and we’ll be doing everything we can to source the grants on offer to maintain everyone possible at work, albeit with less hours for some. Some of our jockeys have gone elsewhere to flat yards, Bill has gone home to Ireland and Tommy is riding out every day at Michael Dodds, we are sure they are keeping him very busy.

The Riding Out board is unfortunately a lot less busy than it usually is in March

Victor, Simon and Will have been breaking in the young horses, and here are some photos and a  video of some of them in action. Normally this would begin in April once the jumpers had gone out, but its too cold for them to live out yet (it started snowing earlier!) and the grass isn’t through but its starting to dry and green up.  It’s going to mean that all those jobs that always want doing around the place are going to get done much quicker. Work has already started on the fields – fixing fencing, harrowing and moving the chase fences and hurdles to a safe place where they can’t be chewed by horses turned out.

Top Ville Ben’s half brother by Yeats, first time with a bridle on. He is called Bobby

Victor with the big Martaline filly

We are very lucky living here as our children are getting loads of riding in with school now off. Yesterday we took the ponies and Phil with Wemyss Point up Penn Hill and had a long hack out in virtual isolation except the odd dog walker.

Middleham outing, I took the photo onboard another pony!

Sarah with Niven who had his last canter yesterday

Sarah who enjoyed a canter on Lady Buttons again yesterday, she is slowly winding down her work before turnout.

Red Dragoness, now on a break

Issey schooling Siena Mia

Dubh des Champs who has been denied another run after his excellent Doncaster 2nd

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