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News in general – Monday

No runners today but a busy morning with Owners visiting and as well as a full house to be ridden out, Phil, Simon & Henry also brought three of the mares in with their filly foals. They’ll be weaned in a week or so, and then it will be the turn of the colt foals to join them in the other side of the barn for the winter. It was a really wet morning and no doubt they are glad to be inside now.

Lady Chloe heads the mares into the barn

The beautiful Martaline & Presenting filly foals

There was the usual careering round for 5minutes but they all soon settled down to eat the haylage from the round feeders.

Mares & filly foals

We are proud to bring news of two former ex racers having a fabulous weekend in the showing at the Aintree Spectacular Show – both with Clare Poole, Kings Grey won in hand and Word of Warning took the Working Hunter ROR Championship. We love all these photos, and in particular the one of Kings Grey looking at the Aintree stands – the scene of his 2014 triumph over fences with James Reveley aboard.

Kings Grey

Kings Grey winning 

Word of Warning, Chanpion

A winning lap of honour for Word of Warning ( Smokey)

Smokey in action

And finally, young rider news – Izzy Kirby our daughter who was 12 last week was delighted to win the Working Hunter Pony Champioship at Stokesley Show on Saturday.

Izzy taking champion with her Welsh Section C mare, Dycott Welsh Rose ( Ginge)

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