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Photo of the week?

Update – 2 shares remain

We think this goes to Harry and Jan Stephenson who sent us this photo they took of Phil with 2 year old colt, Robin des Chapp at our Open Morning. Just 4   2 shares remain in him for sale. This photo really shows Robin’s size and power.

These are the rules and regs of the new Partnership if you were thinking about getting involved. If you would like a joining form or have any further questions please email or (07711) 709876

Philip Kirby Racing Partnerships

The Pinnacle Plus Partnership

Partnership term dates : 1st April 2017 – 31st July 2018

Horse: ‘Robin des Chapp’

2015 colt by Robin des Champs x Lady Chapp

20 Owners (single members or a ‘family’ membership – familes having 1 share or ‘husband and wife’ having a share betwee them is fine)

All Owners will be listed for everyone to see and their names be on the Partnership listed at Weatherbys. For this purpose , if it is a husband or wife/family name – just one single name would be listed on the Ownership that is sent to Weatherbys. However, your Ownership Certificate from us would have your familes/partners name included if wished.

Share price to purchase £4000 + £800 VAT (the vat will be returned to all Owners by baccs transfer at the end of the first quarter)

This purchase includes all keep fees until the 1st September 2018 – 16 months with northing further to pay.

From 1st August 2018 the cost of remaining in the Partnership will be £1250 + vat per year, VAT returnable to all Owners within the partnership by baccs transfer. No further charges will occur, this is an ‘all inclusive’ amount as stated and covers all eventualities.

The cost of becoming an Owner in the Partnership is non-refundable.

Robin des Chapp may be gelded if and/or when Philip Kirby sees fit.

The horse will be kept and trained by Philip Kirby at Green Oaks, East Appleton, North Yorkshire and run in new Partnership Colours and a newly registered Partnership name.

Renewal: At the end of the term, given that ‘Robin des Chapp’ is fit and well , each Owner will have a vote to stay in or opt out of the next 12 months.

Given that Robin will just be coming into full training at the start of the next term, (August 2018) it is more than likely everyone who has joined will want to remain in unless for personal reasons. However, if anyone wants to leave the partnership then, and that they are in a ‘minority’ – ie – less than 10 of the 20, then he /she will have the share price refunded to them providing that Robin is fit and well for their shares to be re-advertised. In August 2018 this would be the price they paid in 2017 – ie £4000 + Vat as in theory he would have neither gone up or down in value as he will not have run or shown any ablity yet.

For future terms it would be the price determined by an Independant bloodstock agent and the market value would reflect the form the horse had shown. If ‘opting out’ each Owner would receive their prize money won straight away by bank transfer, but the share price determined by the agent would come back to them when their share had been re-sold by themselves or by Philip Kirby Racing, who would actively advertise the share. This is a new rule we have introuduced into our Partnerships this year as we feel we could not afford to personally give back large share prices ourself if the horses form did not warrant the initial purchase price. It could also work the other way – the horse may win at Cheltenham and some Owners may wish to capitalise on their share price which would then be worth more than they had paid for it!

Majority Out If more than 10 (the majority) wished to leave the Partnership at the end of July 2019 (or in future years) then Robin would be sent to the first suitable English or Irish sale of National Hunt Horses and the cost of keep up to the sale, the entry and the transport would come out of the total selling price. The remainder from the sale would be then distributed equally between his 20 owners.

Equal Numbers. If the voting is split ’10 both ways’ then the Trainer, Philip Kirby will have the casting vote as to whether the horse remains in training for the next Ownership term or be sent to the sales. All voting will be done by email or telephone. The results will be published to all by email (or post if requested) and each vote and decision will be named.

Updates: Every Owner will be kept regularly informed of their horses progress by email. They will be notified when an entry and a declaration has been made and receive a post race report. They will also receive regular photos and videos throughout his training.

Race Day Badges: Partnership horses get 6 free badges at the races – however, Philip Kirby racing will now make up any cost to ensure that all Owners attending per share get one free badge if we have more than 6 attending. Everyone is permitted into the paddock when the horse runs, including spouses/family members providing they have purchased a half price Owners badge. Philip Kirby Racing often also gives out spare Trainer/Jockey badges if we have them available. This is a regular occurrence and we usually find Partnership horses get 10 or less Owners attending per race unless a ‘big day’.

Visiting: All Owners in the Partnership are welcome to come and visit their horse at the yard and watch him on the gallops, please do book through the Office first.

Injuries: All Owners are reminded that horses can become injured at any time and that this is a high risk sport. If Robin des Chapp became injured and with a veterinary report being available to all Owners, stating that he could not become or remain a racehorse, then he may be re-homed by Philip Kirby Racing on a long term loan agreement with a non racing agreement in place and no purchase price will be refunded. All Owners would be informed of his new loan home, owner and address. Obviously this is a worse case scenario but we have to cover all eventualities.

And Finally…

Philip Kirby Racing try to run their Partnerships in as friendly and informal a way as possible to provide racing enthusiasts with an opportunity to own a share of a racehorse at a competitive ‘set’ price for the term, and hopefully right throughout his or her career if they wish. Our Partnership Owners are looked after exactly the same way as our single Owners – we very much value your involvement and support. Partnership Owned horses make up the majority of our yard, and long may it continue.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will try to help.

Thankyou and good luck if you decide to go ahead!

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