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Racehorse Trainer based at Richmond, North Yorkshire

Happy Birthday Pippa…& party time!


Thank you for all you do, we wouldn’t manage without you.

The annual Christmas party takes place tonight and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s competitive side come out with two games of bowling – followed by a meal at Teesside Park. The original teams of Youngsters vs Oldies were scrapped due to having an extra lane so we now have 3 mixed teams- as follows:

Team 1:Kelly Cochrane, Sam Welton, Meg Dent, Pippa Kirby, Sue Heath & Pete Looker

Team 2: Lauren Sisson, Nathan Moscrop, Julie Heneghan, Anna Dent, Adam Nicol & Keith Walker

Team 3: Stacey Clegg, Toby Pedley, Simon Olley, Sarah Olley, Katie Perkin, Phil & Uncle Albert

Who’s your money on?! We’re all very much looking forward to it and news of the winning team will be posted here tomorrow along with plenty of videos and action shots!

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