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Mondays News

No racing but a busy day with Phil meeting new Owners and going through the DBS Sales catalogue for tomorrow.   We have four horses going and will update Doncaster news through the day tomorrow for those of you who enjoyed the Newmarket blog.

I have started doing an introduction to our IN TRAINING page, and this is the first of 3 videos of our current horses – both in training and winter resting. There is no more importance to this first batch, they were the ones on my ipad camera roll.

* * * *

Here’s a funny story for you from Sedgefield…

Phil tells me,

New Owners walked towards  me in the paddock, I met up with them, and they said,

” Hows the horse today, he looks really well etc, what are his chances?”

Phil (who hasn’t met them before in person)  says,

” Good chance, the McCain horse looks an obvious danger and they fancy John Quinns but he should run well…”

Phil then notices them taking photos of a different horse – not the one he trains!

Oh dear…. he wonders if he should tell them they are taking pictures of the wrong horse, and then he sees some other Owners looking for a Trainer..his  REAL Owners ,

Phil  makes a quick exit from someone elses owners  who he has been chatting to, and greets who he should have been meeting!

Iktiview and Kyle James

Iktiview and Kyle James

Blondinthebar at Sedgefield

Blondinthebar at Sedgefield


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