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Thurs 3rd Oct…

Its been a cold and wet week at Green Oak’s and  we did some field exercise  to give them all something different to think about other than the rain. It keeps their minds busy and having the grass under their feet always seems to put a spring in their step and sweetens them up with the change from the daily routine. The horses loved it and it kept the riders nice and warm too as you can see in this video Pippa took….



Adam Nicol made his return to the race track last week after a lengthy recovery following a nasty thigh bone break, he is an avid supporter of the work at Jack Berry house and is testament to the great work they do. Welcome back Adam! 


The mares and foals are no doubt also VERY happy to have been moved into the barn for the winter last weekend.

Load Roccoco 

Lord Roccoco was a respectable 2nd earlier in the week with Tommy on board at Sedgefield, beaten only by the Philip Hobbs trained favourite and the pair pulled clear of the field. Roccoco is a homebred by our own Lady Chloe and he was her first foal, so its great to see him do well. He won a maiden at the end of last season and will hopefully have some more to come this time too.

A good effort for 2nd from Lord Roccoco.






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