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Sun 2nd June

No runners today, just some lovely sunny weather for a relaxing Sunday and chilled out horses in the field….

Gary, Twix & Coco

We love that these three have been together since weaning and they still choose to hang out together now they are in with the other boys.

Niven enjoying his hols

Stanley on the left likes to hang out with half bro Robin

Yearling colts by Charming Thought & Telescope

 The yard has been getting a serious spring clean and smartened up over the past few weeks as with the horses on their hols and the yard not so busy, it lends itself for us to get the power hose and paint brushes out…and also a bit of pansy planting!!!

New Name Sign

Victors flower planting

Ash power hosing

Teamwork at feeding time – with the supervision of Top Cat!

The lovely Iconic Belle – 2nd at Wetherby last week

The imposing Interconnected being admired by his new stable mate Archie’s Sister

We have another new addition to the yard, but not of the horse variety. The brand new shine blue Terra-vac has arrived! No more taking several trips up and down with a wheel barrow to keep the paddocks clean, this amazing machine sucks all the muck up in a quarter of the time whilst someone drives it around, much easier – although Phil & Simon did spend a little while getting to grips with it – men dont read manuals!!!

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