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News Wed 4th…


Nemean leads his unfortunate rival back in.

Nemean gained his second win for us in a somewhat unconventional style at Southwell yesterday – but take nothing away, a win is a win! He looked comfortably booked for 2nd as yet another Dan Skelton favourite pulled 5 lenghts clear after the last, but with a change in luck Bridget Andrews lost her balance after losing her iron for the second time and fell off Stick To The Plan, leaving us 19 lengths clear to win under James Bowen. Thankfully Bridget wasn’t hurt and went on to ride again later in the meeting. James caught the loose horse like a true gent and led it back to his team! Huge congrats to all The Well Oiled Partnership!

Nicely Indeed having a bad hair day!

Our other runner earlier in the day yesterday was Nicely Indeed who ran a very pleasing race for 2nd at Sedgefield under Adam Nicol, beaten by a race fit Dan Skelton Favourite. He has made a good start and can no doubt build on this for his ownaracehorse syndicate.


Gracie Stansfield.

We have 3yr old Gracie Stansfield making her bumper debut at Huntingdon tomorrow with Tommy Dowson claiming his 5lb on board. She has been with us since June and has been steadily working away at home with her older stable mates and has come along nicely. The lads say she is a tough sort, which is good as some young fillies can sometime not take to their work well, but it looks to not be the case with Gracie. We look forward to her debut and hope she enjoys her introduction to her job on track. Good luck to her owners Surefire Racing and we hope for her to come back relishing her next trip, safe and sound.


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