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Bird’s eye piece: Being an owner

When creating the website, existing Owners Phil and Jacquie Cowing asked me if I would like a ‘bird’s eye’  piece about being an Owner on the yard, and we are grateful to them for penning the words below.

‘A visit to Dibble Bridge for an Ownaracehorse Open Day a couple of years ago led to what is hoped will be a long and happy association with Phil and Pippa Kirby. This was Phil’s first open day and he talked to the members with great enthusiasm about many of the horses in his stable at the time. We left the open day with the feeling that all horses in the Kirby’s care were treated fantastically, and were not just there to be flogged up and down a gallop for their racing lives. You could tell by the way he talked just how much Phil cared for his horses and how their well being came before everything.

 Phil talked most enthusiastically about Amazing King, and his expectations for King were not forgotten. A few weeks after the visit I looked on Phil’s website and noticed an 1/8th of King was for sale from one of his Irish owners. A week later we had done the deal and our journey had begun. We had a great time with King, four wins in a year then sadly King broke down at Market Rasen. He probably won’t race again, but like all of the horses at Dibble Bridge he is treated like Royalty. He is being allowed to recover in his own time and will never be without a home. You only have to look at the past horses page to see how injured or retired horses are never forgotten and it is this compassion amongst many other attributes that make it a pleasure to have an interest with the Kirby’s.

I have no doubt that the recent move to Sharp Hill Farm will see much more success head their way and we would thoroughly recommend anyone wishing to get into racing, or anyone a bit disgruntled with their present trainer to pay Phil a visit. Owners are always made extremely welcome and are encouraged to make stable visits as often as they see fit.  Phil is undoubtedly an up and coming trainer with some different ideas that seem to be working. His horses are happy and relaxed and it would be no surprise to see a big race win in the not too distant future which would be a richly deserved success for the effort he and his staff put in.

We now have a share in Cool Operator and look forward to some more great days out with fellow owners and hopefully more success with Phil, Pippa and the team.

 Phil & Jacqui Cowing’

Phil and Jacquie Cowing make an important point in their letter, and that is we are more than welcome for you to come and see your horse at any time, we do not require a phone call prior, except if you want to see Phil in particular it may be best checking he is not racing.

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