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Quickfire Questions… The Ladies

Our travelling Ladies reveal all today in our all new Questions & Answers….we’ve spiced it up a bit and gone as far as to ask them who their dream Celebrity date would be 😍 …..

How long have you worked in racing?

4 and a half years….

(Katie has always been in to horses… pictured here with her fav pony)

And Katie’s first day on the gallops as part of team PKR 🐎

Favourite horse from Green Oaks, past and present?
Past  – Good time ahead

Good Time Ahead

Present – Bobby Dazzler

What’s the best thing about working here? Being part of a yard that is going places and has some really exciting horses

What’s the best thing about working for Phil:
He’s very generous, friendly and trusts me with a fair amount of responsibility

What’s the worst:
He likes you to be able to read his mind 🤣

If you didn’t work in racing, what profession would like you do?
Something with horses, not eventing 😝

(Katie briefly left us for a career on an event yard but realised the error of her ways! ) 

Most frustrating second?
Arabian Oasis and Jo Ford in the Macmillan Charity Race at York !

Best moment at Green Oaks?
Breaking in Bobby Dazzler ❤️

Who’s the biggest character in the yard?
Issey Gill – kindest soul you will ever meet ❤️

Favourite track to take runners to ?

Been Staff canteen at a racecourse ?

Favourite drink?
Pink gin & lemonade

Dream Celebrity date
A young Anthony Hopkins

Who has the worst dress sense in the yard?
Phil – ‘topspec trainers’

Favourite dinner? Pasta, of any kind 😍

Favourite tv show?

( If you haven’t seen it you are missing out!  )

Cheltenham or Aintree? Cheltenham

The Gold Cup or The National? The Gold Cup

Fascinating fact?
I met A P McCoy once, but I didn’t know who he was 🙈

Favourite song?
She will be loved – Maroon 5

Favourite holiday destination?
Naples, Italy

Dream holiday destination?
South Africa 🐘

Dream car? Audi A1  (I used to have one)

Most satisfying winner to be a part of?
Wemyss Point winning the longest flat race at Pontefract 2018 ❤️

Most exciting win?
Lady Buttons winning her second mares chase at Doncaster! 🔥

Worst habit?
Road rage and swearing

Hidden talent?
I used to be a Barista Maestro, I can do Latte Art ☕️

First race ride?
And probably last.. Iconic Figure at Doncaster 🤣

Pet hate?
Lazy people and slow drivers!!

Your strong points?  Definitely plaiting!

Pick a dark horse to follow for next Jumps season?
Red Dragoness

Pick a horse you would love to have here from another yard?
Al Boum Photo 😍

Winter or Summer?
Winter ❄️

Favourite jockey past or present?
Davy Russell


And moving on to…

Your four Dinner party guests? (other than my friends)
Chris Kamara
Sylvester Stalone
Graham Norton
Julia Roberts…..if ever there was a film to be made about my life i’d like her to be me😁

Favourite song? So many but one would be Goo Goo dolls ‘Iris’

Plans after lockdown?Find the man of my dreams…..any takers?😜🤣🙏

Dream car? red Range Rover sport

Favourite TV series? Prison Break

(I agree with Julie, if you haven’t watched it you are missing out, here’s the Trailer for Series 1 – all on NETFLIX)

Favourite drink?

 Just recently- Parma Violet Gin and lemonade (but i love my Hot Chocolate)

Favourite food?

Chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese with creamy risotto and veg

Horse to follow for the NH season?
Desaray Girl

Julie with Desaray Girl

Worst dress sense on the yard?  Simon

Dream celebrity date? Chris Hemsworth😍

Biggest character in the yard?  Victor

Joker of the pack? Tommy

Best Winner to be a part of at PKR?

Aniknam AKA my little chunky monkey New years Eve 2019. Very proud moment.

(Proving that small victories are often the sweetest, its the relationship built up with the horses that means everything)

Most Disappointing loser?

‘Quadriga’ at Southwell finishing 2nd with me on board…if I hadn’t almost fallen off coming out the stalls, we’d have won. Haunts me to this day🤦‍♀️Only a week later he went on to be the 1st Winner of Green Oaks

Best moment at Green Oaks?
Riding Quadriga in the first running of the Racing Welfare Clock tower Cup 2015. Phil bought him especialy for it just a week before the race- we finished 2nd ….best day of my life!!😊

First official ride?

Next Edition at Wolves 30/11/15…..i can still remember the buzz!!

Cheltenham or Aintree? Both

Gold Cup or National?
As a Trainer- Gold Cup / As a Jockey- National

Best thing about working for Phil?
Riding my favourite horses, goin off racing on my own music playing doin my own thing-bringing back the winners.

Worst thing about working for Phil?
When me and Phil have our “disagreements”. He never answers the phone🙄

Pet hate? 

I have many but….People who have been in racing 2 minutes yet think they know better than you. And people who don’t listen.

Favourite horse at Green Oaks?

Courtown Oscar, obviously but I have loved many over the years so hard to say. Admire and respect Lady Buttons💜 and Little Bruce💙

If not in racing what job would you like to do? Have my own business

Favourite Holiday destination? Portugal

Dream Holiday?

I would love to travel all over America and Canada….Route 66 kinda thing and go on a Ranch holiday. Just need to win the lottery🤦‍♀️

Facinating Fact?

didn’t sit on a horse until i was 14/15 years old
I have 3 God children

Worst habit? Eating too much🐷

Favourite Photo?

So many, but this is right up there…..Man Of Verve 80-1 winner. I wasn’t surprised like some and i won a few quid too😜 (all 3 of us r delighted😁)

Hidden Talents?
Turning horses out at the races (my 1/4 marks are pretty fab even if i do say so myself😛)- riding keen horses
Putting up with phil🤣🤣🙈🙈😜😜

Nicknames  Jules

A dedicated member of Apple Dance (Ballroom Dancing) as a little girl- my mum still has my little silver dance shoes😋

In the school choir
Quite good at Art
 Bit of a Tomboy


20 years in racing & Getting my Amateur license
Completing the Great North Run 2009
HGV 2009
Indoor sky dive
Final 24 of the furlong factor 2020🎤🎧

Listen to Julie sing ‘Skinny Love’ as she sang live in front of the camera for the recent ‘Furlong Factor’ competition.

Last but not least….
Becoming the proud owner of the one and only Courtown Oscar❤️

You have been reading….

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