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Friday 27th March

Some of the boys having fun, totally oblivious to everything going on.

Phil’s not sure he fancies being a farmer full time 🤣 …he’s been muck spreading non-stop for 2 days,  but luckily all the muck heap has now gone and we should see plenty of green grass in the coming 6 weeks. His clothes are in the washer on a hot wash! He sent me a few videos from the cab so I couldn’t resist making this…

No racing in the UK or IRE so we decided to stage our own event on Wednesday whilst keeping in the guidelines for safe distancing and just a few of us to shout them home. Not sure the dogs had listened but they all had a great time. If you haven’t already seen the video, here it is….Phil is in the jeep dragging the squeaky toy.. and the event was featured on the Racing Post website yesterday!

I won’t talk about the winner here in case you haven’t seen it yet but I’ll be posting their winning photo with honour tomorrow…

We are a reduced team at Green Oaks and we make an unusual sight with a varying array of rubber gloves in pink, yellow & blue – buckets of bleach, dettol or even meths all over to keep dipping our gloves. Hand sanitiser is hard to come by but we do have a supplier lined up. Plenty of soap & paper towels though. Some of our team have vulnerable family members and have therefore been furloughed, and with a lot less to ride out there is a lot of mucking out, turning out, catching and putting on and off the walker. We’ve been turning out in batches of 4 and 5 and there has been some pretty impressive leaping and bucking going on in the sunshine these past few days…

Winfola looking beautiful

Most of our flat runners are still in proper work however, and Phil has been delighted with how well STARGAZER has been coming to hand.

Sammi & Stargazer

He is such a talented horse and with December Second & Ice Pyramid snapping at his heels, he has only one way to go and that’s keep winning! We’ve three high class stayers in these 3 horses and plenty of options for them later in the year if need be. Another one looking well is ‘Lady Camelot’ who is seen pictured here ridden by Issey.

We are a little bit sad but really very happy too that ‘Nicely Inded’ has been honourably retired and has settled in well to his new home near Leyburn with Megan Beswick. We would have liked to have run him again this term but of course that didn’t happen and with such a good home on offer, his Owners decided to call it a day. He gave them a couple of memorable wins at Sedgefield.

Nicely Indeed 💙

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