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Weekend News

Phil & our girls high up in the Alps yesterday

We’re almost back home, half an hour to go  and family PKR have survived the slopes! It’s safe to say that Phil will not be taking up skiing instead of training, and he prefers his feet on dry land without snow! Thanks to all our fantastic team at home for the smooth running of the yard while we had our family break and our first ski trip for 16 years.

Mr & Mrs PKR on the slopes

Although we had a great time away, the  disappointment of the week was waiting eagerly to watch our Doncaster runners to find they all had to stay at home. The excitement of waiting for that 2 horse Top Ville Ben race only to hear it was called off… Phil was that gutted he woke me up at 4 am to tell me when he got the text! This was to have been an ideal Opportunity for Ben as a pre Festival outing on a galloping track over 3 miles and options are now limited. We were looking forward to seeing all our horses run that day and it was a rare annual holiday for us not to have any runners at all. However, all are primed and ready to go so let’s hope racing can resume as quickly as possible and the flu outbreak can be swiftly contained ⛷🐎

News updated as soon as we know what is happening per BHA guidelines and when racing is to resume. Entries are being made so we are ready to go as soon as possible and Wednesday is looking a potential start date.

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