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Joanne’s Macmillan Race – getting closer!

Tables/ tickets  at this Event organised by Jo and her family in aid of Macmillan are available now:

Jo Ford has been coming in several times a week at the crack of dawn to ride out, become racing fit and be at her personal best for the York Charity Race she is taking part in next month – please support her! . Below, she talks about her personal cancer story and the challenge that lies ahead, in her own words:

Are there anyone of us who hasn’t been touched by cancer ?

I am sure we all have a family member or friend who has. I personally have had cancer twice at the young age of 22…I was diagnosed with cervical cancer but thankfully for me, surgery has left me clear ever since – I was lucky .

My husband sadly lost his father before he even had chance to meet his grandchildren and sadly 2 years ago lost a great friend and colleague to cancer .

My mother also lost her partner and many friends .

All our stories are different but the effect on all of us is the same

I am at a time in my life to give something back. This for me is also a huge personal challenge as I also suffered a severe back injury some years ago and was told I would never ride again. After many years of pain I finally met a very special surgeon Mr Krishna who gave me my life back.

I am back riding and hunting and living a pain free life .

So taking on this challenge has a double meaning for me .I also want to leave something for my children to remember ,should they ever need to turn to Macmillan in their life time I hope that they shall remember that Mummy did something to help.

It’s time to put my words into practice …If you don’t try you will never know!

It’s the taking part that counts!

So please, please I would be most grateful for any donations received no matter how small.

In return you can enjoy watching my journey of blood, sweat and tears and hopefully some laughs along the way . I shall keep you all updated.

Many thanks in advance.


To pledge a donation – however small, it all helps! Please visit:

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