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Tuesday 16th February

Stalls practice for the 2 year olds

Stalls practice for the 2 year olds

imagePhil and Simon sporting their woolly Topspec hats in this chilly weather were both really pleased with how the 2 year olds jumped out of the stalls for the first time….Enlighten Me came out like a rocket first with Lauren on board, and they were all quick to learn with no setbacks. Its a fine line at this stage to teach them to load and  to stand quietly but still jump out and go once the gates open.

We have Transient Bay declared tomorrow at Towcester, his first time

Transient Bay

Transient Bay

going righthanded and although he is creeping up the handicap he is still off a nice weight tomorrow in this 0-100 handicap hurdle. Plenty of his Owners are able to go, can he gain his third win of the season  under Adam Nicol? There are one or two dangerous looking rivals, particularly Distant Sound who was runner up at this track to the Pipe horse who has since gained a hat trick in 8 days.

Phil drove his new tractor to work today at Middleham from Green Oaks which must have been quite a cold and slow experience! It was needed to stand in as replacement muck mover….it will have done Phil good to drive a bit steadier anyway!

Phils parents have been up this week and they were pleased to watch their Agglestone Rock on the gallops, its been a VERY long road and most would have given up, but Aggie is sound, fit and cantering again, 11 years old now, and even if he only makes it back for one or two runs we will be happy, he is loving being back in work even if he is bit slower than he used to be! I am gutted to say it looks as though Platinum has had another tendon problem and it looks very unlikely we will see him racing again, its extremely disappointing and we have waited two and a half years to try and get him back.  the challenge will be on to find our boy a second career after a summer out, he is a challenging ride to say the least.

Four barns are now up at Green Oaks, two have been concreted inside and the Internal stables are going in next week.


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