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Katie Bown’s India trip

One of our part time riders Katie Bown recently returned from a life changing holiday in India, we thought many of you would like to read about her experience in her own words…


‘I’ve recently returned from working at a Children’s Home in India and would like to share my amazing experience!

The Children’s Home takes in orphans and severly disadvantaged children, gives them a secure home, food, clothing and an education. However, they are possibly the most unforutante yet happiest children I have ever played, taught and cared for. To be able to go to India, I had to raise a minimum of £1500. Every single penny has been worth raising, as it has been a life changing experience visiting another culture that is so different to our own.
Women have to have their shoulders, clevage and knees covered. Indians often treat western people as royality. The traffic is not single file and if I said horns were used regually it would be an understatement! Eating curry everyday was never a bore, because the Indian food was so delicious. The hygiene was basic, hand sanatiser was my life saver and so was bottled water!
On the return home, we had a couple of relaxing days. We took a 12 hour sleeper train out of Tamil Nadu to Kerala. Where we had an elephant ride and a luxurious night on a rice boat. I was hoping to bring an Elephant back to a free stable, I’m sure Phil would’ve been delighted!
I’d like to say a massive thankyou to all the Kirby Team for their support. If anyone would like to donate to the Children’s Home, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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